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Current Game date is 3rd April 1808 Today's weather forecast is for Fair.
The next turn is due to be processed on 12th November 2020 provided no battles need to be fought. 0 players out of 10 are ready.

A Battle has been fought or is waiting to be fought today. No further orders can be sent until the rest of today's turn is run which will send all couriers and finish the campaign day.

This system is still in development!

Current Road Limits
Main - 20000
Minor - 16000
Main Bridged - 12000
Minor Bridged - 9600
Main Mountain - 15000
Minor Mountain - 12000
Main Bridged Mountain - 9000
Minor Bridged Mountain - 7200

Version 2.5.5 29 October 2020

  • Added: Points system for troops This will be extended.
  • Added: Depots can now be used to recruit additional troops
  • Fixed: Number of depots
  • Added: Orbats can now be amended and reorganised. This is limited to movement element units for now.
  • Added: Units can now be transferred to other players.

Version 2.5.4 06 May 2020

  • Changed: Added the sizes to the Unit Details and HQ Intelligence pages for all levels in the tree.

Version 2.5.4 04 May 2020

  • Changed: Tabulated the recipient list for easier use on the Send Message screen.
  • Changed: Various Admin functions

Version 2.5.3 25 March 2020

  • Changed: Message dates changed to include time component. 0600 for morning messages/deliveries/orders, 0900 for messages created during the movement phase, 1800 for evening messages/deliveries, real time for inter player couriers.
  • Added: All screens show next turn resolution date and number of ready players.
  • Added: Last known info on the Unit Details screen.
  • Added: Headquarters page now shows road limits on roads out of town and the road finder.
  • Added: Automated scheduling of turn processing.
  • Fixed: Ordering of dates in message tables

Version 2.5.2 15 March 2020

  • Changed: Attrition rules have been made much less punative
  • Changed: PHP version to 7.4
  • Fixed: Some edge cases in turn resolution
  • Reset ready to begin play testing

Version 2.5.1 10 November 2019

  • Fixed: Post Battle sequence not working correctly and hanging the system
  • Changed: MySQL to MySQLi

Version 2.5 10 May 2013

  • Added: Unread Message filter for messages recieved
  • Fixed: Admin Map

Version 2.4.1 8 May 2013

  • Added: Anti Spam bot registration questions.

Version 2.4 29 April 2013

  • Fixed: Registration's not working properly
  • Added: New Battle results input screen and method behind it.

Version 2.3 25 January 2013

  • Added: Locked lines of supply for national leaders
  • Changed: Increased message box size for free text messages to players

Version 2.2 24 January 2013

  • Fixed: News items being shown ahead of the current date.

Version 2.1.9 20 January 2013

  • Added: Quick link from Messages received to Send message to player
  • Changed: Messages can now be sent to multiple recipients at once
  • Fixed: Courier Message Review now shows recipient unitname
  • Fixed: Group movement and limit speed orders working
  • Changed: My Account page
  • Added: Options for default priority
  • Added: Options for receive Turn email
  • Added: Options for 'I am Ready'
  • Added: Options for removing email from view

Version 2.1.8 16 January 2013

  • Changed: Forum layout
  • Fixed: Forum buttons not showing
  • Added: Forum Rules
  • Added: Forum styling to reply and new topics
  • Added: Groups
  • Added: Command details in profile
  • Fixed: Double counting of strengths on Full Orbat page

Version 2.1.7 15 January 2013

  • Fixed: Retire code not working correctly with respect to Movement Elements
  • Fixed: Retire code not generating a retreat message
  • Fixed: Priority tooltip not working on unit order screen
  • Added: Full Orbat screen for pre game planning

Version 2.1.6 14 January 2013

  • Fixed: Message delete issue with player to player messages
  • Added: Sent from Town Name in message received table

Version 2.1.5 13 January 2013

  • Fixed: Deprecated code for alphanumeric matching on registration.
  • Fixed: Compatability issue with Firefox within the admin menu.
  • Fixed: Forgotten Password Sending
  • Fixed: Disallowing signup with non alphanumeric in password
  • Fixed: Update in JQuery not replicated on message screens.

Version 2.1.4 10 January 2013

  • Fixed: Tracking of forum posts read/unread
  • Fixed: Forum 'last post by' error
  • Changed: Forum icons
  • Fixed: Database encoding for French accents
  • Fixed: CSS error displaying background incorrectly in Safari and Firefox
  • Fixed: Email confirmation of registration
  • Added: Email sending fixed

Version 2.1.3 9 January 2013

  • Added: Manual.
  • Fixed: Formatting for inter-player messages.

Version 2.1.2 7 January 2013

  • Added: Courier Review Screen to delete wrong orders/messages
  • Added: Forum to allow some online conversation
  • Changed: Unit Details Screen shows Morale Class and removed Orbat Type
  • Added: Line of Supply editing times and users
  • Added: Line of Supply name and depot shown as selector
  • Fixed: Siege posting news when ended
  • Fixed: Units in Garrison always qualify as 'in supply'

Version 2.1.1 4 January 2013

  • Fixed: Unit details (size, fatigue, supply) not cascading up/down correctly
  • Fixed: Campaign Admin date setting issue
  • Fixed: Formatting issue on HQ Intel Page
  • Fixed: Info on Unit Details Page displaying correctly
  • Fixed: Login box bumping main page down
  • Added: Config setting for 'Campaign Live!'
  • Fixed: Issue with scouting reports not generating messages correctly
  • Fixed: Problem with 'collision detection' not picking up battles properly
  • Added: British + French Orbats
  • Added: Battle screen showing orbat for currently paused battles

Version 2.1 1 January 2013

  • Changed: Unit Order screen to use Tree view
  • Added: Banner.

Version 2.0 23 October 2012

  • Changed: New Admin Features.
  • Changed: Message Layouts.
  • Changed: Turn processing to take into account the new Admin settings.

Version 1.9.7 30th March 2012

  • Changed: Battle admin screen reflecting 100man loss.
  • Added: Sortable Battle Orbat screen for each side's CinC.

Version 1.9.6 25th February 2012

  • Fixed: Forces not retreating from a battle should accrue Fatigue.
  • Fixed: Forces adjacent to a siege will now report enemy besieging and visa versa.

Version 1.9.5 14th February 2012

  • Added: Indication on menu if you have unread messages.

Version 1.9.4 12th February 2012

  • Changed: New news items will report the region that the unit is in.
  • Changed: Added siege information to the intelligence page.
  • Fixed: Attacker units are no longer prevented from moving in a siege.
  • Fixed: Orders Sent page sort by 'Sender' is now 'Recipient' and works.
  • Fixed: Number of depots restriction not working correctly.
  • Added: Ability to add custom email message for turn run confirmation.

Version 1.9.4 28th January 2012

  • Fixed: Garrisons now work. Please don't try and garrison every unit! I have added garrisons to the remaining Spanish and Portuguese fortresses not currently under French control. I'll be watching this very carefully to see that it work.

Version 1.9.3 12nd January 2012

  • Fixed: Out of Supply Message generations.

Version 1.9.2 19th January 2012

  • Fixed: Small Error on the Units page allowing access when not logged in.
  • Changed: News page to display news in Date order descending newest to oldest.
  • Fixed: Small Error on the News page allowing access when not logged in.
  • Fixed: Being out of supply will now impact troop numbers.

Version 1.9.1 14th January 2012

  • Fixed: Formatting for messages to other players.
  • Added: Email to players after turn has been processed.
  • Fixed: Unit Details works. I am using some trial code, so you may get a notice on your screen. Just ignore it, it will do no harm.

Version 1.9 12th January 2012

  • Added: Random sightings of enemy units may be generated and reported as news.

Version 1.8 12th January 2012

  • Fixed: Registration should now work fine.
  • Changed: Road Limits have been increased.
  • Added: News Page which shows Regional Captures and other news after suitable delay.
  • Added: Processing to determine who captured regions for after action reports. If two commands are present they both get credit.
  • Added: Road Limits are shown on Home page.
  • Fixed: Userinfo page now works, and shows last active time.
  • Added: Road Finder on the Intelligence page now works.
  • Added: Starting Positions and Depots for Anglo-Portuguese.
  • Fixed: Small bug with the remember me and logging out. If you want to click remember me and not sign in next time, then don't logout, just leave the page!.

Version 1.7 11th January 2012

  • Fixed: Scouting Messages duplicated for both sides.
  • Fixed: Troops with Hold Stance cannot Attack.
  • Changed: Removed Ratio Stances for now.

Version 1.6 9th January 2012

  • Fixed: Courier Interception error creating problem courier.
  • Changed: Turn Processing into functions to allow repetition of same code easily (Couriers).
  • Changed: Received Messages screen layout.

Version 1.5 8th January 2012

  • Added: Intelligence Screen to show neighbouring towns and their troops as well as a road lookup tool.
  • Fixed: Website Admin screen works.

Version 1.4 6th January 2012

  • Fixed: Account Main screen allows changing of emails and passwords.
  • Fixed: Turn Processing picks up March to Sound of Guns troops correctly and reinforcements abide by road limits.
  • Changed: Campaign Orbats added.
  • Changed: Menu-make text bigger

Version 1.3 23rd September 2011

  • Changed: Login system to allow non users to see homepage.

Version 1.2 19th September 2011

  • Changed: Depots are restricted to 1 per player + 1 per side, so the French with 4 players will be allowed a max of 5 depots.

Version 1.2 17th September 2011

  • Added: Weather forecast is now displayed for current day
  • Added: Processing for Garrisons to work

Version 1.1 15th September 2011

  • Added: Changelog to Home Screen
  • Changed: Depot Screen now shows depots active number of days
  • Changed: Send Messages to other players now limits to correct side and removes yourself from list. Instant delivery for messages sent within 1 leg of target ONLY for player to player messages!
  • Changed: Lines of Supply are not limited to one per depot. You may not have more LoS than you have depots however.
  • Added: Garrison selection on Unit Orders screen.
  • Changed: Map is now Spain
  • Fixed: Unit Details page now works.
  • Changed: Message screens have links to the message in all fields